Maimane Says ANC Of Today Is A Collection Of Corrupt Individuals

Politics has in the recent times, turned abusive and violent in nature with political parties spitting out fire against the other and no doubt, the ANC has been on the receiving end of all the blows.

The leader of the Democratic Alliance has once more tongue-lashed the ruling ANC saying that the ANC of today is en-massed with corruption and other social malpractices.

Mmusi Maimane who was addressing his party supporters said the ANC can’t agree on anything anymore because issues like the SABC‚ the Guptas‚ Marius Fransman‚ their mayoral candidates‚ their party lists have helped in splitting the party

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He added that what’s left of the ANC of today is a collection of corrupt individuals‚ fighting over the last scraps before the party finally implodes.

‘We Can Win Rally’ in Missionvale in Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape‚ the ANC today had nothing in common with the ANC of yesterday – the party of Nelson Mandela‚ of Walter Sisulu and of Oliver Tambo,” Maimane said.

According to Maimane also, the ANC has no plan for Nelson Mandela Bay‚ just as it has no plan for the rest of South Africa and that was why President  Zuma is now telling South Africans they should vote ANC simply because they are black.

“Not because they want jobs‚ or better services‚ or a corruption-free government. No‚ he wants people to vote for the ANC because of the colour of their skin.

That’s how far this ANC has fallen. That’s how far the ANC of today has drifted from the party of Madiba.

And if this desperate racial mobilizing doesn’t work‚ they will try to buy your votes with T-shirts and food parcels‚” Maimane said.

“Tell this ANC your vote is not only powerful‚ it’s also precious. Tell them it cannot be bought cheaply.”

Attack On ‘Wounded and Weak ANC’

Maimane is expected to launch an official attack on what he calls the wounded and weak” ANC on Monday.

According to the party’s statement, Maimane will “start a day of campaigning in Tshwane‚ by committing to the vision and values of South Africa’s first democratically elected President‚ Tata Nelson Mandela.

In recent weeks‚ the ANC‚ a wounded and weak organisation‚ has run a programme of racial‚ offensive and dangerous mobilization in an attempt to cling on power by any means necessary‚” it said.

“The polls clearly show that the Democratic Alliance’s message and programme of change is what South Africans want after 3 August‚ and this has shaken the ANC.”

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The DA leader Maimane, will be in Tshwane with his party’s mayoral candidate‚ Solly Msimanga.

Though DA’s plan for the invocation of Mandela’s name during the local government poll campaign has received huge criticism from the former president’s grandson‚ Mandla‚ who said the family was “disgusted” and called it a “flagrant abuse”.

The party however stuck to their stance saying “uTata Madiba is our country’s national icon. As our nation’s first democratic president‚ his legacy‚ and the important democratic principles which he fought for‚ belong to all South Africans.”

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