Koffi Olomide Kicking Video Angers Kenyan Women

Seen Koffi Olomide kicking video? Well the Congolese music star was caught in a video kicking one of his female dancers.

The video was captured at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. In the video, the Musician was captured walking towards a group of women and kicking one of them.

The assault by Congolese Rumba maestro Koffi Olomide happened on Friday.

While attacking the dancer, police officers at the airport watched on. However, the police officers later saw the need to calm him down before showing him to his car, which immediately sped off.

The female dancer is part of the six people who have accompanied him to Kenya for Bomas of Kenya concert. According to reports, the dancer is said to have had a noisy quarrel with Koffi’s wife Cindy.

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His handlers said Kofi revealed that the singer hated that Cindy was targeted and overreacted. He has since apologised to the woman. Since the release of Koffi Olomide kicking video, social media users in Kenya have been expressing anger over the assault.

Uproar In Kenya Over Koffi Olomide Kicking Video

Moh Kimani said

“Kofi Olomide kicked a woman in front of the glare of cameras & cops! Why did he not get handcuffed & whisked away for assault?”.

Another user named Mathira urged Kenyan women to abscord Koffi Olomide’s shows in solidarity with the assaulted female dancer.

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Vlad wrote: Koffi Olomide did his homework. He knows Kenya and impunity. Would he do this in Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle or O’Hare?#KoffiOlomide

Did I just see vid Koffi Olomide walk to a woman at the airport n kick her with the full force of an elephant? Oh HELL NO!! @CapitalFMKenya

However, other users did not find anything wrong with what the musician did.

“Wats the big deal if Liu Kang Olomide kicks his dancers? Ya’ll wnt him arrested?For wat? Labda hata iyo ni dance move wanatizi na nyi hamjui,” Clarence said.

The hashtag #KofiOlomide is trending in Kenya, with the Twitterati giving their various reactions.

Watch The Video: Below: 

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