Heavy Snowfalls Alert, Stay Off N3 Toll Route

KwaZulu-Natal Emergency Medical Services (KZN EMS) has called on motorists to avoid the N3 toll route, warning that heavy snowfalls will endanger the route until Tuesday.

Robert McKenzie, KZN EMS spokesperson said the snowfalls which started on Sunday, will extend to Tuesday. Mckenzie also disclosed that “the current cold front has now extended to parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Free State.”

In a media statement, the KZN EMS spokesperson related that N3 toll route, Mooi River, Ladysmith, the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Van Reenen’s Pass, Harrismith, Bethlehem and other surrounding areas could be affected.

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Citing the increased possibility of heavy snowfalls, Mckenzie divulged that local residents and travelers could be snowed-in. He added that roads might be closed for safety reasons. And, iterated that motorists should avoid travelling in such hazardous conditions.

Meanwhile, Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) station commander, Dave Steele, warned that traffic delays and road closure could occur.

He said: “Driving conditions may become dangerous as snow and black ice cause roads to become treacherous. In the event of this happening, roads could be closed in the interests of safety of road users and emergency and rescue teams.

Furthermore, N3 Toll Concession’s (N3TC) dedicated route services’ teams are on standby and ready to provide support where and when required.”

Speaking, N3TC’s Con Roux warned that heavy snowfalls do cause power failures which in-turn, trouble the communication system.

“You may not be able to use mobile and telecommunication networks. Should you have no other option but to travel, it is essential stay cognizant of weather warnings and the possibility of associated road closures. Conditions may change quickly, thus it is recommended to be well prepared.

Also make additional provision for lengthy delays if you are traveling with babies and or elderly people. Don’t take any risks, be ready for any eventuality and heed warnings,” Roux advised.

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Above all, road users are strongly urged to confirm the status of travel conditions with N3TC’s 24-hour Customer Care-line on 0800 63 4357.

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