ANC’s Khusela Sangoni Says Zuma Won’t Apologize To DA And Maimane

President Zuma’ scathing comment on Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Mmusi Maimane, has been described as having all the earmarks of trouble.

Zuma went on the offensive against Maimane on Wednesday while addressing hundreds of ANC supporters and ordinary residents in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.

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According to Zuma, Maimane is the child of the National Party which oppressed South Africa and masquerades today as the DA.

Hear him:

“After we attained freedom, the National Party and the Progressive Party decided that, as whites, let us form one party which today is known as the DA. He is a child of the oppressors.

Where does a black man get the nerve to team up with oppressors of his people, even to an extent where he decides to lead them. When you see the DA, just know that they are our oppressors.”

Reacting to Zuma’s speech,  DA’s Ekurhuleni mayoral candidate, Ghaleb Cachalia, condemned ANC’s electoral strategy.

Cachalia stated that people must be allowed to vote any party of their choice, adding that Zuma trying to gain an advantage by drawing attention to racial issues could be dangerous.

He said:

“What we fought for in 1994 was so that we can make choices based on our values and beliefs; not to be told by the president of the country that we will be selling our race out.

In a country like ours, which has been ridden by race, when you play the race card – it is a dangerous card to play, and the consequences can be quite dire.”

Khusela Sangoni Defends Zuma

However, ANC’s Khusela Sangoni feels otherwise. Sangoni simply defended Mr president by asserting that Zuma only told his supporters the bitter truth.

He said the DA is a party many believe harbours racists.

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Khusela  Sangoni maintained.

“When the president raised the fact that Mmusi Maimane is leading a party that is a haven for all those who oppressed us; I’m not sure at which point this is patronising.

If the DA is able to come and apologise for the atrocities that they committed against our people, then perhaps we could look at the DA with different eyes.

But now, they continue to harbour them; they put a black man in front and think that South Africans are going to be fooled.”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the DA and the ANC are running neck and neck against each other in at least two metro municipalities.


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