ANC Has Blamed Apartheid Too Long For Its Failures

EFF’s Chief Commander, Julius Malema said it’s high time the ruling party embraced it’s failures.

ANC has blamed apartheid for it’s failures in service delivery, he said.

The EFF leader was speaking at his party’s election rally in Free State during the weekend.

He said it’s ridiculous that the ANC is still blaming apartheid’s legacy for the ugly poverty and hardship in South Africa.

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To him, the ruling party is just using apartheid to cover their unfitness to rule.

ANC don’t “care about black people,” he said. “This is no longer the ANC of Mandela, Tambo and Chris Hani. You must not feel ashamed for not voting for the ANC because that party is now rotten.

(ANC) is dead and, come August 3, we will not be burying it but we will be unveiling the tombstone of the ANC.”

ANC Has Blamed Apartheid For Too Long

Juju asserted that the present ANC leaders are the founding fathers of corruption in South Africa. They have no leadership skills and have for long, blamed apartheid for their inadequacies.

“There is no white man who brought poor service delivery to the people. It’s the ANC and they keep blaming the apartheid legacy even after 22 years of being in leadership.

…White people don’t compromise their standard of living and they have access to everything. But the ANC keeps violating the rights of black people by depriving them of access to electricity, water, and sanitation.

Even the RDP houses don’t have proper planning. You deserve better than what the corrupt ANC government is offering,” stated Malema.

He added that ANC is clueless and can’t comprehend South Africa’s problems.

“During apartheid, the ANC used to complain about PW Botha and others because they were relevant at that time. But we are now crying about Zuma. They don’t understand the current challenges faced by South Africans,” he said.

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With that, he demanded of South citizens to stop thinking South Africa will perish without the ANC.

“You must never be scared and think if the ANC is gone, the country will go down. We are ready to govern, we are ready to take the whole of the Free State,” he inspired.

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