New Stunning Photos Of Sean Andrew Kibaki Released

The fashion model Sean Andrew Kibaki, the much-talked-about grandson of former president Mwai Kibaki, is at it again with new scintillating pictures hitting the internet.

The university student is planning to launch a new project titled Royalé that will soon be released. And the project is poised to attract a collective wow from his fans.

The guy who just became the Internet sweetheart just recently released a sneak peek of a shoot he did in Amboseli National Park with Zuri Art, Pixel Inc and Quartie Photography.

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Sean came to limelight in May 2016 when he hit the podium to pay tribute to his late grandmother and former First Lady Lucy Kibaki. Before his grandmother’s funeral, he was known only in his private circles of friends, in the rich kids’ circles.

Since then Sean Andrew Kibaki has proven that he doesn’t mind the publicity and also not burdened by his surname.

Here Are  His Photos:

Sean Andrew Kibaki


Sean Andrew Kibaki


New photos of Mwai Kibaki's model grandson released -3


New photos of Mwai Kibaki's model grandson released -4


New photos of Mwai Kibaki's model grandson released - 5


New photos of Mwai Kibaki's model grandson released - 6

Sean Andrew Kibaki is a keen photographer. According to him, he is as much home behind the camera as he is in front of it. He is a student at United States International University.

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The young lad who enjoys weed and revels in the smoke said he is a hippie. It’s no surprising as the trappings of being a grandson to Kenya’s third president only help him have a regal way of doing it. After all he is a ‘Ras’.

He parties hard and wild. Evidently by now you know this is no calm timid soul. The same spirit is taken to bashes and parties and as you can see in the video below he and his pals drown liquor by the bottles. Check his girlfriends birthday party last year:


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