ANC Ward 9 Councillor Mthethwa Says Her Life Is In Danger

An out going Councillor in KwaZulu-Natal and member of the African National Congress Nomonde Mthethwa, relates how she fears for her life after she found a dead chicken tied up with red wool and her photograph with a needle through it.

The ward 9 KZN Councillor in Ward 9, Malende, in KwaDukuza, said on Friday that she was shocked at the site of the ugly picture kept in her compound.

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“I am a dead woman walking,” Nomonde Mthethwa, I think someone is trying to kill me. In isiZulu, this means that I am a dead woman and my family is in danger.” she said

Explaining how and where she discovered  the horrible incidence, the 47-year-old ward 9 Councillor said she washed on Wednesday morning and went outside to hang it up to dry.

“On my way to the line, I found an unusual object. When I got closer I noticed that it was a dead chicken tied with red wool. There was a tied-up white paper and, when I opened it, it was my picture with a needle stuck through my heart.”

According to Mthethwa, there was a small Smirnoff Vodka 1818 bottle filled with muti, a red candle, and a R10 note. She said she did not understand why someone would want to kill her because she was not coming back as a Councillor after the August 3 local government elections.

The out going Councillor however recalled that during the candidate nomination period, two ANC members had told her that if she was re-elected, they would burn her house down. She did not want to mention their names.

The only reason she could think of for why she was being targeted was that she had spoken up against housing corruption in the area.

“I called the police to report the incident, but they told me that there was no unit that investigated muti. I am so scared,” Mthethwa said.

The ANC has in the recent times experienced huge loss of some of their members. Few days back the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal raised alarm bells following the killing of another two of its councillor candidates, ahead of August’s local government elections.

The party in the province said KwaZulu-Natal needed economic growth and sustainable development, and neither of those could be achieved in an atmosphere marked by politically motivated killings on the eve of an election.

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A total of 13 ANC leaders and members have been killed in the province in the past four months and most of its member accused the party of not taking any step to bring the perpetrators to book.

However, the party has called on law enforcement agencies to investigate and provide better security ahead of the August 3 polls.

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