An Unrepentant Dineo Ranaka Dismisses Twitter Hate

TV Personality and motivational speaker Dineo Ranaka is yet to see the end to recent criticisms directed at her attitude.

Fans condemned the way she handled a request for a matric dance dress from a matriculant

But the thing is, she doesn’t care. Dineo has dismissed all social media criticisms as she maintained her stance on the matter.

Probably out of admiration, a young lady chose to ask Dineo for help in getting a matric dress.

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However, Dineo surprised everyone by reacting in the most harsh way to the request. Instead of helping out or politely saying no or even ignoring the request, Dineo went on to lecture the girl.

Dineo who is on a 90-day spiritual journey told her to focus her attention on becoming rich rather than acting rich.

A war of tweets ensued as a result of this response from the TV personality with Twitter users telling her how unnecessary her response was.

Some Twitter users even went to the extent of taking a trip down memory lane to re-post a tweet she posted years ago encouraging girls to buy their matric farewell dresses from her clothing line.

Nevertheless, she stood up to the criticism and maintained her opinion that one needs to pass matric first before celebrating. She opined that the dance be moved to after matric results are issued.

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In her opinion, young girls should be more concerned with their grades than their matric farewell dresses.

Replying to a fan’s message over the issue, the TV star pointed out that: “this too shall pass.”

Meanwhile, the TV personality is certain that her image has not been tarnished by the brawl with her fans.

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