Naked Women Protest Against Trump Outside Republican Convention

A naked women protest has been held against the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump.

The protest that saw one hundred women posing naked was held during the National Convention, in protest of the “oppressive rhetoric” of the Republican Party towards women and minorities.

The protest was staged across from the site of the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio.

In the naked women protest, women posed with massive mirrors representing, the concept of “Mother Nature”, knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the idea of the holy feminine.

Naked Women Protest

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According to reports, about two thousand women registered to participate in the art exhibit.

But the exhibit owner said he and his team needed just 100 places to be filled for the project. However the number proves the women’s commitment for a change.

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The naked women make up a part of a political art installation titled #EverythingSheSaysMeansEverything, created by Spencer Tunick and his art crew.

Naked Women Protest

“But 1,800 women would have shown up naked in front of the steps of the convention to make art with what may be the most controversial subject in this presidential race — a woman’s body.”

Some women who took part in the project left statements on Tunick’s website. One participant wrote:

“As a woman, I want to stand up for my reproductive rights. As a Hispanic, I want to be seen as a member of this community. As a first-generation American, I want to show that anyone deserves the opportunity to come here. As a young woman, I want to embrace my body and everyone else’s size and shape. As a human being, I want to stand up against Trump and other Republicans whose hateful speech towards women, immigrants, LGTB people, and all ‘others’ is poisoning this nation.”

Tunick’s installation is not the first time artists have been inspired to use their art in speaking against Mr Trump’s views about women.


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In the start of the year, the Republican nominee said the only card his opponent in the US presidential race, Hillary Clinton had to play was the “woman’s card”.

His comments inspired a brother–sister duo to make a whole pack of “woman cards”.

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