Moses Wetangula’s Painful Truth About Raila’s Western Tour

Cord co-principal Moses Wetangula has sparked controversy after he slammed co-principal Raila Odinga for his recent Western region tour.

The Bungoma Senator, while speaking about the Western tour, advised Raila Odinga on Thursday night to drop his presidential bid. He cited that the politician has a tiny chance of winning if he insists.

Wetangula backed his view with the fact that Odinga has contested for presidency three times and has come out a failure the same number of times.

He urges him to allow him or Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to try just once.

Wetang’ula said on KTN:

“It is now time for our brother Raila with all his dynamism and support that he enjoys to make us a back-up to a fresh team that is able to deliver.”

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He also dismissed the large crowds seen in Raila’s rallies during his Western tour, saying it does not guarantee victory. According to him, the large crowds witnessed during rallies held in Western Kenya will not translate into votes.

Wetangula said he believes the CORD coalition has the capacity to win 2017 elections but if only Raila will give a new face the chance to contest against president Uhuru.

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He claimed that Odinga’s voters have become fatigued in voting for him with no result in the end as his votes get robbed, urging him to allow fresh people in the race.

He added:

“People vote for you, the votes are stolen and they start to think that even if they vote for you again the same thing will happen.”

The Bungoma senator insists that CORD will not win the 2017 elections if Raila Odinga runs as the presidential candidate. Wetangula launched his presidential bid on April 2, 2016, which Raila Odinga skipped.

The bid, which was ruined by chaos, raised eyebrows within the political circles with many foreseeing trouble within the coalition. Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma and Sirisia’s John Walukhe have already resigned from their top positions in the party.

Watch The Video Below: ( Source KTN)

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