SA Poverty Was Brought By The Oppressors

God didn’t create blacks to be oppressed. SA poverty was brought by oppressors. The oppressors took everything that belong to the owners of SA.

August 3rd is time to take back what the oppressors took. And, black South Africans must do that with their votes.

The above, and other similar expressions were statements Mr President used to campaign for votes.

Zuma was speaking at the ANC election campaign in Tembisa.

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In isiZulu, Zuma said: “People came in our country and took everything that belonged to us. We must take that back with a vote. We must not forget that. Black people must unite.

Your vote is important for us so that we build our country, develop it and grow the economy. Without your vote, we are unable to do that. Don’t say ‘we black people, we are many, others will vote’. That is wrong,” Zuma charged.

Oppressors Brought SA Poverty

His Excellency called on black South Africans to stop fighting among themselves. According to him, blacks fighting blacks makes the oppressors happy.

“Let us use our vote to run, rule the country and be in control of the economy. The problem is that people have forgotten where we come from.

The poverty that we see today was brought about by the oppressors. They were doing everything for themselves and enriching themselves. If we can forget that, we will never see the fruits of freedom.”

Zuma also attacked the leaders of the Democratic Alliance and EFF party.

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The President was accompanied by Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, and the deputy minister of trade and industry  Mzwandile Masina.

Speaking Masina said: “Our children are not educated because we don’t have a university. We want to place it very high on the agenda to build our own university so that our kids can be educated,” Masina added.

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