Man Walks Out Of Wreckage After Grisly Accident

A man survived a grisly accident that would have seen him crushed to death along Ngong road. The horrific accident involving a matatu, a lorry, and a personal car saw the man’s car almost under the giant vehicle’s wheel. 

The accident happened as a matatu driver tried to overlap on the wrong side, nearly killing the driver of the car. As a point of fact, the man’s car went under the lorry.

As luck would have it, the driver came out unhurt but shocked to the marrow for the grisly accident.

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man survives grisly accident in Kenya -2

In this incidence, the bus hit the car from the back, backing it up under the lorry, an act which saw the car crumpled up on impact against the lorry. It should have been fatal for the driver, but it all ended rather well for him.

He walked out of the car.

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And even more amazing to onlookers was the fact that it all happened in static traffic. Media personality Chris Kirwa witnessed the accident and shared the update on twitter.

“Just witnessed a matatu overlapping wrong side hit a vehicle slamming it 2 a lorry.Thanks God he is safe”

Traffic police officers and Red cross medics arrived at the scene minutes later.

grisly accident

Traffic Enforcement officer in Karen, Michael Kihare, confirmed the incident, saying the matatu driver will face charges for careless driving. Meanwhile, somewhere in Luanda, Vihiga, a Matatu was in an accident that killed two people injuring several.

man survives grisly accident in Kenya

The matatu was heading to Siaya from Kisumu before it rolled more than twice after a tyre went kaput.

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Director General Francis Meja, has also called for the closure of WhatsApp groups blaming the groups for increased road accidents.

Meja said road users communicate on the groups informing each other on road blocks and traffic checkpoints, instead of focusing on the driving and the road ahead of them.

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