How to Achieve Fame And Stay Relevant On Twitter

Aside Facebook, Twitter is one of the most used Social media platforms in Nigeria. It is a great channel to get heard, attract fame and stay relevant in the social community.

Instagram is cool as well but if you don’t have any service or product you are selling, you might just end up an on-looker and a follower who won’t be followed back.

Twitter is tailored in such a way that allows your followers to know more about you and your daily activities. With 140 tweet characters, you can create buzz about your business, especially if you are a musician.

As an artiste, you get to share your latest projects with your fans, interact with them and get your brand out in their face (in a good way though).

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Still wondering how the likes of Japheth Omojuwa got popular? Although he isn’t a musician, he attained fame by constantly airing his opinions and sometimes, via controversial tweets on twitter. You too can be popular and these tips will help you get the best out of the sky-blue logo social media platform.

  1. Create an Account

Before we get into the crux of the matter, you need to have a twitter account if you don’t already do. And for those dormant accounts, it’s time to reactivate them and create a social life on the net.

  1. Have an Interesting Profile

It’s not enough to just own a Twitter account, make it an interesting account that people would be glad to follow. Also, your Twitter name should be consistent with the name you use on other social media accounts to avoid mislabeling. Start by writing an interesting bio about yourself. It should be brief but captivating and should cover your essence and brand. Include a link to your website if you have any, and links to your works as well.

  1.  Use Customized Themes, Profile picture, and header

Don’t join the anonymous profile picture league. Use your best pictures for profiling and also a header photo that identifies with you or your brand. Customize your page as well. All these can be done without stress via your handle settings.

  1. Start Talking

It’s one thing to have a Twitter account, it’s an entirely different thing to tweet. Whether you have a million followers or just 10, you still need to tweet. Tweet strategically, during peak hours not on a Monday morning when everyone is trying to find their work table. Be consistent also, don’t just run off for months without giving your followers a heads up.

 Twitter language


  1. Think Before You Tweet

The fact that you need to tweet consistently does not translate to you talking trash because you lack what to say. Whenever you can’t find words on Twitter that reflect your thoughts, simply go through other people’s tweets and retweet any one that interests you. Don’t go trump-mouthing people just because you need to talk.

  1. Share/Quote People’s Posts

You need to be someone’s fan to attract more fans. As stated above, it doesn’t have to be just you talking in your timeline. Retweet, quote and like other people’s posts. That way, they too will engage in yours whenever you make a point.

  1. Engage

Don’t just put out drab tweets. Engage your followers in conversations. Ask questions, reply their tweets. Don’t be a loner in Twitter, it’s an interactive community.

  1. Build a Fanbase

You need a lot of followers to make your Twitter account interesting. Call them fans or friends, they are the people who’ll create a buzz about you, buy your music and promote your brand.

  1. Schedule Tweets

You can schedule your tweets hourly, daily and even months ahead of time with Tweetdeck and Houtsuite. Schedule tweets at peak hours, you really do not need to be online at that point to get your words out.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags help raise more awareness about a topic or project and makes it trend in a way. An instance is the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Similarly, an upcoming artiste recently did something similar for her new single #MonAmiByAJ. Followers may not immediately understand what it’s all about but when they see you posting a hashtag message consistently, they too will join in the movement and that’s the engaging interaction we are talking about.

In a nutshell, you can achieve a lot by just being active on Twitter and other social platforms. It doesn’t cost much; just your time and data bundle. You will have more fun on Twitter if you learn to stay out of trouble on the net and also stay away from these donts: don’t reply cyber bullies and don’t pay people to follow you. #SigningOut.

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