Meet Cheryl Kitonga, The Lady With Jacob Juma Before His Murder

The formally unknown lady, Cheryl Kitonga, who was caught on CCTV cameras with the late controversial businessman Jacob Juma on the night of his murder, was recently exposed on TV.

The expose saw her name, pictures and what was meant to be a private conversation between her and an acquaintance (the taxi driver) aired all over the screen.

Following the expose, Cheryl Kitonga, who is alleged to have been one of the late Jacob Juma’s side chic, turned a celebrity overnight for confessing that she enjoyed her last moments with the businessman before he was murdered by some shooters who still today are unknown.

In a recorded telephone conversation with Jacob Juma’s cab driver, Cheryl Kitonga – a marketing and advertising student at the University of Nairobi – was heard confiding in the driver that it was the first time she was meeting the city billionaire.

Cheryl Kitonga

According to the lady, Juma had dropped her off next to a famous restaurant in Nairobi before he was seen dead on Ngong Road. Cheryl and the taxi driver who reportedly dropped her off to meet Juma have already been interrogated by the policemen investigating the death.

While the big expose was still underway, Cheryl rushed to her Facebook account to deactivate her account, but sadly and fortunate for some, she hadn’t the fastest fingers as many have grabbed several pictures of her already.

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The police had reported that Jacob Juma was last seen with a female partner. Obviously, Juma had hosted the lady at his apartment in Westlands before biding her farewell at around 8pm. For some professional reason, the police did not reveal the identity of the lady.


But, a KTN’s reporter Mohammed Ali and Dennis Onsarigo thought it wise to reveal the identity of the lady to the whole nation despite the likelihood that she had absolutely no hand in the killing.

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They are both heard confessing that they were questioned by the police, but Cheryl goes a step further and talks of her trauma since that day.

Oblivious of the fact that she’s being recorded, Cheryl talks of how her workmates didn’t know she was the one. She tells the cab guy that she still lives with her parents who have no idea of her involvement with Juma.

Reports on social-media also show that Cheryl  might have also been dating Scanad’s digital strategist Brian Mbunde, who has been the victim of trolling on social-media.

Cheryl Kitonga

Juma was famous for his numerous Facebook ‘girlfriends’, some of whom shared shameful screenshots of their text exchanges. It is therefore assumed Cheryl was one of those who was caught in his net. The billionaire was, in another report, linked to different women like Bob Collymore’s new wife plus another lady named Karen Nyamu.

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