Raila Declares 2017 Election Cancelled Unless IEBC Chiefs Go

Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga has issued a poll warning, declaring the 2017 election cancelled if IEBC commissioners are not kicked out before the election day. 

The politician insists the opinion will be maintained unless the current members of the electoral commission are laid off and replaced appropriately.

To achieve this, the opposition leader has been leading protests every Monday in the capital, Nairobi, to demand the resignation of the commissioners.

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The commissioners on the other hand, have refused and have challenged the opposition to push for their removal via the parliamentary process.

Nearly all the opposition protests have been chaotic and laden with looting, stealing, and police brutality mostly caught on camera.

The Jubilee government had also promised not to be affected by CORD’s illegal demands to dissolve the electoral body, IEBC.

Majority leader, Aden Duale said since the opposition has chosen illegal means to oust IEBC,  his coalition will continue to be defiant.

The government will not be moved by CORD’s illegal demand to disband electoral body, IEBC.

The party said CORD would not be permitted to go the illegal way or polarize the country ahead of the 2017 general election.

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According to Jubilee, CORD was planning to distract the ruling party in restructuring of the Supreme court.

This, according to Jubilee would shift gears in favor of CORD ahead of the coming presidential election.

“He accuses the Jubilee coalition of taking the country back to the dark days yet now he is asking the President to do a constitutional coup. We shall not allow this to happen,” Duale told the press at a briefing attended by 17 Jubilee MP’s. The violence that was witnessed on Monday was CORD’s doing in an attempt to subvert the law”.

He also said that the opposition leader needs to be stopped and the time to stop him is now. He added that Raila represents and perpetuates a culture that the only way to resolve issues is through violence, decribing it as being backward and unacceptable.

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CORD staged its third demonstrations against the IEBC on Monday, May 16. The demonstrations turned out to be a war with police engaged in running battles with the protesters.

Mr Odinga had denied allegations his supporters were responsible for some of the violence seen in Nairobi on Monday.

Cord leader Raila Odinga and his supporters claimed his vehicle was shot at but police denied the claims.

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