Rufus Kamau Attempts Suicide As Wife Abandon Him

A Mombasa man, Rufus Kamau, jumped into the Indian Ocean yesterday because his wife ditched him.

According to police, the 20-year-old Rufus Kamau jumped off a crowded MV Nyayo ferry in the middle of the Likoni channel at about 7.30am as it sailed from South Coast to Mombasa Island.

He dived into the deep waters while screaming the name of his wife, who is yet to be found. The action shocked passengers who called out for help from divers who were at the seashore at the time of the incident.

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Fortunately, some divers who were aboard the ferry crossing to the other side of Mombasa island made a quick jump inside the Indian ocean to get the young man of the water. The boy was saved without any injuries and was helped to vomit a lot of water he drunk while attempting to take his own life.

Mr Kamau was later taken to a local hospital. Likoni OCPD Willy Simba said Rufus Kamau was afterwards kept in police custody and would be arraigned in court for attempted suicide.

Mr Simba added that:

“Rufus Kamau tried to kill himself by jumping into sea when MV Nyayo was midway from the island to the mainland. The man, who stammers kept on saying his wife had left him. In fact he could not utter any other statement apart from “bibi amenitoroka” (my wife has jilted me) that is why it took a while to get his name or any other personal details”.

He said Kamau would be taken to court, where he will be charged with attempted suicide. Simba explained that they are yet to find out if the man is mentally ill. Also they could not determine if he has children with his alleged wife.

Rufus Kamau
Likoni Channel

Simba said the court would be making an order for Kamau to see a psychiatrist.

“I cannot tell if he is mentally unstable. We will arraign him in court and if the court establishes that there is a need for him to be taken to a psychiatrist, then we will take him.”

The police also raised concerns for the increase in cases of suicide as a result of failure in romantic relationships and marriages.

A separate incident where a 35-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging herself by the window of her house in Ushindi, Likoni was particularly mentioned.

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