Entertainment industry makes marriages and destroys it – Actor

Entertainment of Thursday, 16 March 2017

Source: nigeriafilms.com


William UcheWilliams Uche

A lot have been talking about the rate of failed marriages in the entertainment industry as we have watched our entertainers opt into marriage and leaves.

Many have been wondering why our entertainers are unable to keep their homes except for the few who opted out for the sole reason of Domestic violence.

With the increasing rate of failed marriages, youngsters are becoming afraid of tying the knot due to the fear of opting out soon after going into it.

Nollywodd actor, Williams Uche spoke extensively about his thoughts on celebrity marriage break up.

He said: “I have come to realize that what makes people fail or what destroys people is not because they are not talented but because they don’t know the purpose of something. If you don’t know the purpose why marriage is given, don’t go into it. If you don’t know the purpose why you should be in the entertainment industry or any spheres in the world don’t go into it, because any platform without a purpose will destroy you.

“The essence of marriage is not for you to give birth to children or enjoy sex; those are the benefits that come with marriage. The essence of entertainment is not just for you to have the money or cars because anything you don’t realize the purpose will destroy you. I have seen this entertainment industry make marriages and I have also see it destroy marriages. I have seen it make kings and also destroy kings, so until you realize the purpose of a platform, you should not go into it.”


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