Second Mining Awards Slated For December

Suleman Koney 

The Ghana Chamber of Mines will hold this year’s mining awards ceremony on Thursday, December 1, 2016 to honour outstanding companies and individuals in the industry.

Suleman Koney, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Chamber, who was speaking at the media launch in Accra yesterday, said the awards will recognize excellence in Ghana’s mining industry to sustain development.


The awards categories are Best Mining Company, Best Performer in Mine Supplies and Support Services, Best Innovation, Best Performer in Local Content, Community Safety Brigade and Best Performer in Occupational Health and Safety.

The rest are Best Performer in environmental management, Best Mining Student of UMaT, Best Essay in inter-mines first aid and Safety Competition, Lifetime Achievement Award and Best Mining Reporter.

Mining Company of the year

The CEO explained that the Mining Company of the Year Award would be presented to a mining company that has achieved the highest aggregate results in terms of environmental management, innovation, occupational health and safety, and corporate social responsibility.

In order to be adjudged as the mining company of the year, he said a company should have obtained the highest total percentage according to four criteria.

The criteria involve environmental management, occupational health and safety, corporate social responsibility and innovation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Koney said the Lifetime Achievement Award would also be given to an individual for outstanding achievements and significant contributions to Ghana’s mining industry.

The awardee in this category, he said, should be an outstanding leader, regulator, policy-maker, economist, engineer, financial manger or technology specialist.

“That is, any individual who has contributed immensely to the development and future of the mining industry in the course of his/her career,” Mr Koney added.

He said the nominations would be assessed based on five criteria which are achievement, integrity, leadership, peer recognition and strategic vision.

By Cephas Larbi



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