Ashaiman: Assembly members angry over MCE’s abandoned bungalow

Some aggrieved Assembly Members in the Ashaiman municipality, are unhappy with the Assembly for abandoning the completion of an official bungalow for the Municipal Chief Executive, whiles he continues to reside in a rented apartment, the cost of which is shrouded in secrecy.

According to them, the amount involved in renting the apartment for the MCE, for a long time, and has not been made known to members of the Assembly.

According to the Assembly Members who spoke to Citi News on condition of anonymity, they have requested to know the amount used in renting a place for the MCE but they have not been told.

They said anytime the issue is raised at General Assembly meetings, it is not given attention and is deferred.

“We have been in this Assembly for long and it is unfortunate we do not have the exact amount used in renting our own Municipal Chief Executive’s residence”

“The Chief Executive assumed office in November 2014 and very soon we are sure his 2 year rent would expire, yet still date we do not know how much was paid to cover the current rent accomodation. Why don’t they want us to know? Is it because the amount is too huge to complete the abandoned official residence? Or is it that he doesnt want Assembly Members to know the amount because we may question why such an amount was not used to complete his official government bungallow which has been taken over by criminals and weeds? Or better still, is it that he is enjoying luxurious living at his rented mansion for which he is scared of completing his official bungalow” they queried.

The worried Assembly Members are threatening to stage a mini protest at the upcoming general Assembly meeting, if the Municipal Chief Executive’s accommodation issue is not featured and fully addressed.

“It is the tax payer’s money which is been used to pay the Chief Executive’s rent so we demand to know how much is been paid as rent”

The Assembly Members also noted that, it is alleged that the current Chief Executive since occupying the facility, has purchased the said property from its original owner, and as such they would like to know every details about the ownership of the said apartment.

MCE denied the allegations

In his reaction, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ashaiman, Ibrahim Baidoo, flatly denied the allegations of purchasing the rented apartment from its original owner, adding that  the documents are available for all to see.

He also said the amount involved in renting his official residence is also an open secret, that the information is available at the finance department.

He said the Assembly has abandoned the official Chief Executive’s Bungalow at its window level, because they would have to abrogate the contract with the previous contractor and award it to a new person.

When contacted on the matter, the Presiding Member for the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly, BB Abdulai, stated that an amount of Ghc40,000 was approved for renting the MCE’s house at the time, but he is unable to tell the exact month the rent took effect.

He said issues surrounding the MCE’s residence would certainly be fully discussed and exhausted at the upcoming General Assembly meeting. He however expressed surprise at the claim by some Assembly Members that they do not know the amount involved in renting the said property.

“I cannot tell which month exactly the rent started, but the Assembly approved for two years rent of Ghc40,000 for him, so I am sure it is almost due for renewal so it is not out of place if some assembly members would want to exhaust that at our next General Assembly meeting.”

By: Elvis Washington/


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