Brazilian police arrest ISIS-linked group over Olympics ‘attack plot’

Brazilian police have arrested 10 people accused of pledging allegiance to the Islamic State terror group who are believed to have been planning an attack on Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics.

The operation on Thursday morning, 15 days before the opening ceremony, was announced by the justice minister, Alexandre Moraes, at a press conference in Brasilia.

Moraes said that no specific target had been chosen for an attack.

The federal police issued warrants for the arrest of 10 people in nine Brazilian states who are accused of preparing an act of terrorism. Police are also searching for two other suspects, Moraes said.

All of the suspects are Brazilian citizens, authorities said.

Allegedly members of a group called Defenders of Sharia, they are believed to have been in online contact with members of Islamic State. They are also reported to have discussed acquisition of AK-47 assault rifles and celebrated the terror attacks on Orlando and Nice.

The operation marks the first arrest of suspected Islamist militants in Brazil, and comes after reports that a group called Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil, which supports the Islamic State, launched a Portuguese-language call for jihad or holy war on the Telegram social network.

Source: Guardian UK


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