I look funny without my beard – Trigmatic

Entertainment of Sunday, 26 February 2017

Source: GhanaWeb.com


Trigmatic Beardplay videoTrigmatic

Rapper, singer and composer, Trigmatic has been keeping a long beard from the day he announced his presence in Ghana’s music industry till now and as such, has become part of his identity as an artiste.

What surprises many is the fact that he has a bald head but appears to be hairy.

Gentle-looking Trigmatic has explained to GhanaWeb that he has decided to keep his beard because he doesn’t look appealing without it.

“Hair doesn’t grow on my head; I might as well leave the little hair I get on my face,” he said humorously.

“My barber made a mistake and messed it up so I made him shave everything and that was when I realised I needed my beard. I looked really different. I could see myself and realised I had changed. I looked very funny,” he added.

Trigmatic disclosed that initially, his parents opposed his decision to keep a long beard but they have now accepted that it is the identity he wants to keep.

Although many have fallen in love with his beard, a time will come, he would cut it, Trigmatic mentioned.


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