K-Solo Dumps His Wife As He Parades Newly Engaged Fiancee On Facebook

Who is deceiving who now? When Kike, wife of popular popular singer and producer K-Solo, showed images of her battered and bruised face on the internet as a result of domestic violence, many condemned the Singer for reducing his pregnant wife to a punching bag.

Then, in a sudden and annoying twist, the couple came up on Channels Television grinning from ear-to-ear and professing a strange love for each other as they denied their marriage was in trouble and even apologized to Nigerians for playing such an expensive joke. They said it was a publicity stunt and talked of plans of creating a reality show. We all held our peace and wondered in amusement.

Now, K Solo is parading another woman on his Facebook page as his love and new fiancee, less than two months after he and his wife’s denial on Channels TV. The new lady’s name is Bimbo and they got engaged yesterday, October 22nd.

Wherever this latest round of ‘stunt’ is leading the producer who is now more prominent for his marital inconsistencies than producing hit songs, he should realize that ‘He who cries Wolf on the day that none is in sight, will not be taken serious the day he sights a real Wolf and cries out for help!’

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